Entelar Group

Tailored Rollout & Product Refresh

Entelar Group offers a proven tailored national rollout solution. We will manage the entire product life-cycle, allowing our customers to focus on their service delivery and customer needs.

From equipment bundling, configuration and testing, to recovery, repair and redeployment, we will ensure the equipment is onsite as your engineer arrives and arrange the collection, refurbishment and redeployment, sale or disposal of legacy equipment.
  • Project rollout – BOM storage and inventory management
  • Equipment bundling, assembly, configuration, testing, asset tagging and timed dispatch to multiple locations nationwide
  • Equipment recovery from customer sites, along with refresh/repair
  • Equipment redeployment
  • Recycling
  • Bulk resale
  • Device Trade-in


Entelar Group is your one-stop shop for technology delivery and service.

Entelar Group
Lvl 3, 46 Sale Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland
19 Gabador Place, Mount Wellington, Auckland
8 Westfield Place, Mount Wellington, Auckland
Operating hours – 8:30am – 5:00pm

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