Try it Before you Buy it | Samsung Monitors

Try it Before you Buy it | Samsung Monitors

Try it Before you Buy it | Samsung Monitors 1080 1080 Entelar Group

If you mean business, your monitor should too. A winning combination of productivity, design and connectivity is your ultimate power play. But don’t take our word for it. Contact us today to get a quote, and you could trial up to 5 selected monitors for up to 21 days*.

Innovative displays that power your performance

Pick the monitor that has the features to match your needs


Ultra-wide displays are perfect for multitasking. Higher resolution provides greater screen real estate. Connect two sources at once with Picture-by-picture.


Effortlessly dock your laptop via a single USB-C cable to charge and transmit data. A built-in webcam monitor lets you join video calls with ease.

Ergonomic Design

Help protect your eyes and stay focused. A curved screen helps reduce eye strain by maintaining consistent focus distance. Height adjustable and pivot-capable stands allow you to customize your setup.

Upgrade your office with Samsung’s bestsellers

24″ Flat Monitor with Built-in Webcam

  • In-built webcam, microphone and speakers, perfect for collaboration
  • Windows Hello certified
  • See it from almost any angle with the IPS panel

34″ ViewFinity Ultra WQHD Monitor

  • Ultra-wide WQHD resolution 3440×1440 Screen Resolution
  • 1000R Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor
  • USB type-C with LAN port

49″ Super Ultra-wide Dual QHD Monitor

  • Doubled up workspace and lifelike detail with dual QHD resolution
  • The 1080R curve matches the contours of the human eye for unimaginable realism
  • USB type-C port to power, send data and display signals between devices

Terms & Conditions:

*Trial available on selected monitors for up to three (3) weeks. Quantity of trial units provided for use dependent upon the number of units intended to be purchased. Details provided upon request. Access to trial units subject to legitimate intention to purchase and must include a request for quote.

Trial unit numbers are limited, so priority and availability subject to the discretion of Entelar and/or Samsung. Specific product loan agreements with Entelar will apply.

The quantity of demo units available to any end-user will be based on the opportunity size;

    • Opportunity size of 5-19 units: 1 demo unit
    • Opportunity size of 20-49 units: 2 demo units
    • Opportunity size of 50+ units: 3-5 demo units (based on mutual agreement)

User details (name, title, contact details) are to be provided for the recipient of each demo unit.

At the conclusion of the trial period:

  • The end user will be provided the option to buy the demo unit(s) at an agreed price (NB: the demo units may be used or new)
  • Or the demo units will need to be returned

Available models
24A400 / 34J791 / 34H892 / 34A650 / 24A600 / 27A600 / 27A800/ 32BM7 / 32BM8 / 49A950U / 49RG90